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Robbie Carenduff

Great group for anyone getting into sim racing, covers all platforms, sims / esports, a friendly group that are always willing to help.

Stu law

I have been a member of SimFXRacing since 2018. There commitment to there community is second to non. Always happy to help and share. I found my home in the sim racing world here and would highly recommend it to any sim fan or driver.

Scott McFaull
Guys over at
SimFX Racing
do a great job to keep their community page going a lot of time and effort goes in behind the scene from them 
Great bunch of guys and easy to get on with,
They are always open to helping a hand when they can and happy to share some of there knowledge into the sim racing world when needed,
Would highly recommend anyone looking for a racing hub to join their group,
From hosting league events over multiple platforms to just having a good laugh In group chats with these guys it’s a great pleasure 
Keep up the good work 
Jamie Christie

The boys at simfx do a great job for a racing community helping others with setup rigs and general track knowledge and ever since coming to iracing they have been really helpful and friendly and became good friends with a lot of new people 

Phoenix Racing

In the Beginning there was them who shall not be named and they treated a few of their admins badly for the crime of hosting popular events on other games other than Gt sport and after they were cast out we followed them and wandered the desert  for a few mins until they founded the promised land where all games are created equally broken and here we stayed, although we have splintered into different tribes (I racing, gts, PC2, Matt Curtis... I mean rallying) we are all SimFX.. or something like that.

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