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Alfa Romeo Reveals 532hp Giulia GTA and Track-Ready GTAm

Although this week’s Geneva International Motor Show has gone the way of the F1 Chinese Grand Prix , that hasn’t stopped car manufacturers from staging virtual reveals of their wares. Alfa Romeo is first up to the plate, with a new, even higher performance version of the Giulia. The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA takes over at the top of the Giuli ...

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Need for Speed Heat Update This Week Brings Black Market and Aston Martin DB11 Volante

Those worrying that the shift in developer for Need for Speed, from Ghost to Criterion, might mean an end to support for Need for Speed Heat need worry no more. A new update arrives in for the game this week, adding a new game mechanic, some quality of life changes, and a bunch of new cars.

Scheduled for March 3, the update is set to introduce new vehicles for the first time, and there’s a dedicated new game mode and story to incorporate them into Heat. Black Market Delivery will allow players to pick up new cars in a special side storyline that introduces a new character called Raziel.

Raziel operates an illegal import/export service down at Port Murphy, on the south-west part of the map. Head down to his offices and Raziel will set you on a few errands, rewarding you with new customization parts for your cars. You’ll be able to replay the events afterwards too.

To start with there’ll be two new cars in your shipping container. The first is free to all players, and is a variant of an existing car in the game. Although the car’s identity isn’t clear at the moment, it could mean a KS Edition vehicle with a bodykit designed by Khyzyl Saleem — the man behind the Polestar 1 cover car. A small leak in January revealed three KS Edition cars hidden in the game files, with the Lamborghini Aventador S, Lamborghini Countach, and Land Rover Defender all getting the KS treatment.

The other car is brand new, and as the Tweet above from the official NFS account reveals, that rather looks like being the Aston Martin DB11 Volante. Aston’s flagship grand tourer is already in the game in coupe form, but the Volante adds some drop-top cool into the Florida-esque landscape.

However, there is one downside. The second car in the Black Market Delivery is available only as paid DLC. Whether this is the Aston Martin or not remains to be seen, but you’ll need to splash out some cash to get the second vehicle.

In addition, there’s some subtle changes to the games UI. The new item feed is gone, replaced by a yellow banner denoting new parts. You’ll find some new vanity customization items, including the ability to change the color of your exhaust backfire, and there’s new race intro and victory sequences.

We’ll find out more about the update in due course.

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GT Sport Daily Races: GT Classics and Sunset City Run

You’ll be visiting some classic GT combinations in this week’s GT Sport Daily Races, along with an event that harks back to Gran Turismo games of old. Races B and C put you into GT Sport’s core FIA-Certified Online Championship race cars, with one event for Gr.3 cars and another for Gr.4 models, both on tracks making their return i ...