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Infinity decals manufacturers event round 2

February 25 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

round 2 February 25 @

Maggiore gp Gr4
Autopolis full coarse Gr4

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Infinity GT Manufacturers Series

This is an intense battle between the most prominent automobile manufacturers from around the world, select your favourite car company and contest an entire season in Gr.3 & Gr.4 cars.
You can be the one to bring racing glory to your favourite manufacturer.
Teams will be made up of 2 drivers which you can choose yourself, if your struggling to find a team mate let us know and we will pair you up with another solo driver both drivers will have to run the same cars and run similar livery’s no limit of livery sponsors but must have infinity decals as a part of it any other driving clubs are aloud.
Manufacturers selection
There are 25 manufacturers that posses Gr.3 and Gr.4 cars we would like to run if possible 8 different manufacturers in each league, once you have signed up and have a team mate please pick 2 or 3 manufacturers you would like to represent via commenting on this post or private messaging.
If a certain manufacturer seems to be getting alot of the votes we may resort to having a draw to decide who gets that manufacturer.
Then end goal would be to have an FIA finals style grid with only 8 manufacturers battling it out to see who comes top overall.
Depending on numbers will depend how many leagues we run obviously these will be done in order of ability using data from previous events if your a new member we ask for lap time of a certain track.
Once you have been given an manufacturer you need to pick a GR.3 and GR.4 car form the cars available both drivers have to use the same cars for the full season.
Race info
20:45 – 15 minutes qualifying
21:00 – 1st Race 30 minutes
21:35 – 2nd race starts which is reverse grid of previous race and is also 30 minutes.
Also sign up to www.simfxracing.com
Room settings
  • BOP : on
  • Tuning : off
  • Fuel : 4
  • Tyre wear : 3
  • Tyres : No limit
  • Aids : Counter steer and ASM are banned
  • Damage : light
  • Flags : On
  • Corner cutting pens: Off
  • Grid Starts with false start
**** if GT changes the the penalty issues corner cutting pens will be amended ****
  • 1st 25
  • 2nd 20
  • 3rd 17
  • 4th 15
  • 5th 13
  • 6th 11
  • 7th 10
  • 8th 9
  • 9th 8
  • 10th 7
  • 11th 6
  • 12th 5
  • 13th 4
  • 14th 3
  • 15th 2
  • 16th 1
Extra 1 point for fastest lap and for pole position
If you hit someone causing them to go wide or off track you must let them retake you as soon as possible.
Any penalties incurred during the race need to be taken within two laps, you must lose the penalty by pulling off the racing line on the start finish straight.
If you feel the penalty was unfair please save a replay or report the incident to the host.
Penalties will be off for the most part as GTs collision penalty’s are a joke atm
Pit exit
Be careful when rejoining from the pits try to keep within the lines and avoid swinging straight out in front of other cars.
Please avoid making any abusive comments within the lobby anyone reported making any sort of uncalled for or racist comments will be banned from the season.
Car or Manufacturer changes
If you feel like you have made a bad call or just not getting on with your chosen car you can switch to a different manufacturer but you will loose all points you have already acquired and you cannot pick a manufacturer already in use by another team.
Any issues should be reported to your league host preferable with a video of the incident.
Tracks this season
Week 1
Laguna seca Gr3
Suzuka Gr3
Week 2
Maggiore gp Gr4
Autopolis full coarse Gr4
Week 3
Bathurst Gr3
Blue moon bay speedway Gr3
Week 4
Brands hatch gp Gr4
Dragon Trail Gardens Gr4
Week 5
Sardegna B Gr4
St Croix B Gr4
Week 6
Spa Gr3
Monza Gr3
We have special prizes from our main sponsor Infinity Decals for the winners and runners up of each league.


February 25
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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